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Weekends Are For Eating

Hello Saturday! Gosh you look lovely. Oh, how i've missed you so....

I love weekends. I am very fortunate to have most weekends off work and free as a bird, but I do like to keep busy - busy in the kitchen, is my preference. Trying new recipes and foody finds is more fun when you have a little time to play around, and to be completely honest, I also like to have the freedom to sit on the kitchen floor in front of my oven and keep a watchful eye over that vegan banana bread i'm trialling to see if it's actually going to rise.

This weekend I am turning to one of my favourite youtube channels, The Happy Pear, to give me some of that yummy goodness. And let's keep it weekend themed shall we, seeing as this post is turning out to be more of a love letter to Saturday and Sunday, than a post about food.

PANCAKES people! If the weekend had a national food, in my world, it would be pancakes. I will eat them for breakfast, I will eat them for brunch, I will even happily consume them for dinner and have done on many occasions. A few years ago my boyfriend and I starting transitioning away from the tried and true; flour, eggs and milk mix, which I want to add I still adore and makes a mighty pancake, but unfortunately my body doesn't agree with so much anymore. Luckily, there is so many alternative options out there these days its very easy to find a plan B.

The Happy Pear have a few different recipes up on their channel but this Quinoa Pancake is one I have been dreaming of trying for a while. If you are a Saturday, Sunday or pancake lover like myself I hope you find some delicious joy in this video (I mean, how can you not be feeling joyful after watching these two lovely men?) 

Happy weekending my friends x


Weekends Are For Eating

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