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The Chocolate Bunny Haze


A common ritual on Sunday for me is taking some time to think about my week past and what I want for my week ahead. It is now Sunday night, and I am happy to report I am feeling pretty good about the week I have had. It was productive, enjoyable, busy and much better than the end of the week before. Last weekend was a glorious long weekend; four days off work, lots of time spent with people I love and it fell on Easter, so of course the magical bunny made a visit. Now I have made this sound pretty good right? Yeah, on paper it is. But add in some crazy (hungry) hormones from my PMS and the chocolate that flooded our usually chocolate-free home and you have a recipe for disaster.

Quick disclaimer, I'm not 100% sugar free and I don't claim to be, sugar is just not a big part of my life. Fruit is about the extent of it on a day to day basis. 

Okay, back to last weekend. So, it's Sunday and the generous bunny has been and gone. I'm not sure how it happen, but like I was in some crazy sugar haze, I managed to polish off every single piece of chocolate in sight. Every time I finished one mini egg I would say loud and clear in my head "That's enough. You had a good run, but it's time to stop" and then within two minutes I was putting another in my mouth because that strong and brave voice switched to a whiney starving cry for more of that sweet sweet goodness. 

I'm not too bothered about one day of eating not-so-healthy because days like that happen. I eat really well almost every day and drink heaps of water and hit the gym. I'm all good in that department. What was worrying was how bad I needed that next sugar hit, again and again all day and then when I had run out about mid afternoon how terrible I felt. We are talking throbbing headache, almost a bad hangover feeling, and scariest of all my terrible mood. I was sad, easily annoyed, introverted and generally frustrated, mainly that my stash had run out. I couldn't shake my funky mood till I had a good night sleep.

Doing some research, just to make sure I wasn't going crazy (because I definitely felt crazy) and I found this was all pretty common. What I was going through this time last week was sugar withdrawal. Lesson learnt.

Note to self: read this blog next year before Easter. You don't want to relive that headache EVER AGAIN.

Hi, I'm Trilby and I am 7 days chocolate bunny free.

The Chocolate Bunny Haze

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