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Finding Time For Balance


When I talk about finding time for balance, I mean quite literally. Well, I suppose I mean metaphorically too. Where I'm going with this strange start to my post today is to the glorious topic of YOGA. 

I adore yoga. I am no pro, but boy do I enjoy it. It makes me feel amazing, brings a beautiful sense of calm to my day (which I never expected when I first started) and over a period of time I feel stronger and more stable in my body. Good stuff all around right?? Totally.

Here's the thing though, I'm needing some help because I have recently fallen out of rhythm with practicing yoga regularly. Monday to Friday, the only time I have free to do my at-home yoga is first thing in the morning, we are talking 5am or earlier. The rest of my day is almost always completely full until I finally stop in the evening to eat some dinner and then try not to fall asleep on the couch till my husband moves my zombie self to bed. I'm a morning person, but 5am is still a struggle. Thankfully yoga IS worth the early start.

So what is a girl to do you ask? Well of course posting your confessions of yoga slacking and commitment to try to get back on track on the internet for all to see is a start. Then I need to start getting used to getting up earlier (OH THE HORROR). And lastly, as I always do with these blog posts, research the net for helpful tips and inspiration to get motivated. So if you like me are wanting to get back into it or just give it a go for the first time, here is a great little article to get you on your way via Mind Body Green and below that a Gentle Morning Sequence by Yoga With Adriene.

Hopefully, soon enough I will have a time carved out in my mornings and will be regularly enjoying my balance.


Good health, a sense of style and fun are important in today’s world. So I hope you find something to interest you, to comment and share, including in our Community Ecosystem page where you’ll find a growing number of contributor posts.

Finding Time For Balance

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