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Oh hay fever, you mean, unfair beast. As annoying as the common cold, hay fever is one of the most frustrating things to suffer from. 

I only recently experienced hay fever for the first time. I went to my local pharmacy feeling like death to ask why my usual cold remedy didn't seem to be working and was asked "What about hay fever?". I laughed, honestly I did. "I don't get hay fever!" I confidently told the pharmacist. He just shook his head and lead me in the direction of his hay fever drugs. Much to my horror two days later my symptoms had eased. I am proof it can hit any time in life, to even the most cocky non-hay-fever-sufferer. I reluctantly welcome myself to the club.

Now that I'm here and have been hit with bouts of hay fever more than once, I am on the hunt for natural ways to avoid and manage my hay fever. Step in Julia and Libby to save the say. Click on this link and head over to their blog post if you want to know more.

Oh Hey Hay Fever

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